2017 Housewares Show Trends

Approachable and Inviting CMF

Softer, warmer, more approachable colors and finishes

Copper Refined

Housewares Show Trends _layouts - copper refined.jpg

Matte Finishes

Housewares Show Trends _layouts - Matte.jpg

Wood details / finishes and natural eco-friendly materials

Pastels and Softer Colors 


Novel Approaches to Traditional Methods

All-In-one devices

All-Clad Prep and Cook - combines mixing, chopping, cooking, steaming into one device

All-Clad Prep and Cook - combines mixing, chopping, simmering, steaming into one device

Chicago Cutlery - Sandwich knife - combines all the functions for perfect sandwich making into one knife

Chicago Cutlery

health focused food prep

Vacuum Blender for better smoothies and juices 

Air Fryers for healthier cooking

Craft Experience and artisanal movement

Manual Coffee and Cold Brew


Cozzolino Studio at the Show

Primula Cold Brew - Red Dot Award Winner

Polder Nail Station - Global Innovation Awards Finalist

Polder Shower Caddy

Polder Style and Store

Nambe Forte

Homz Laundry Solutions

Zero Water Pitcher

Mr. Coffee