ICFF 2019 Trends and Observations

Space Defining and Privacy

With open offices now standard, furniture companies are filling the need for temporary defined spaces and the occasional need for privacy through soundproof privacy pods, and movable walls, shelves, and white boards.


High Contrast Textures and Marbling

A continuing trend of high contrast marble finishes (faux and real) as well as highly textured and contrasting manufactured materials which embrace an element of randomness.


Delicate Lighting

Lighting at ICFF utilized visually lightweight materials and took advantage of the minimal size of LED lights to create intricate and elaborate structures that maintained a delicate feel.


Elemental Repetition in Lighting

Simple geometric forms, repeated and patterned, made up intricate lighting structures. This created a nice contrast between the simple individual elements and the complex, organic nature of the overall forms.


Muted Color Blocked Layers

A continuing trend of soft muted colors has been enhanced through blocks and layers with subtle shifts in tones and values.


Nature Inspired

Nature inspired patterns and shapes were seen in everything from seating to lighting, and wall coverings.